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STAT-Site WB Analyzer by EKF Diagnostics

Manufacturer EKF Diagnostics
Reliable and efficient β-ketone and glucose measurement from whole blood

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STAT-Site WB Analyzer
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The STAT-Site® WB analyzer from EKF Diagnostics is used for the quantitative determination of β-ketones (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate or β-HB) and glucose in whole blood taken from capillary or venous samples.

β-HB is used to aid the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with ketosis (also known as ketoacidosis and diabetic ketoacidosis or DKA). Ketosis occurs when the body begins to break down its stored fats in response to a low supply of energy (glucose). This process produces the ketone β-HB, which is further catabolised into acetoacetate and then into acetone.

Because β-HB accounts for 78% of all ketones present in the body, and is the first one to be present during ketosis, it provides the clearest indication of a patient’s condition before and after treatment. For this reason it is a more appropriate test than traditional nitroprusside tests for acetoacetate and acetone.

The STAT-Site WB analyzer uses two different strips to provide results in just ten seconds for β-ketones and five seconds for glucose allowing for clear and comprehensive management of diabetes patients displaying early symptoms of ketosis to be quickly treated and then monitored on a regular basis.