Solentim VIPS™ by Advanced Instruments

Manufacturer Advanced Instruments  |   Model: CC-2000  |  Available Worldwide
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Verified In-Situ Plate Seeding (VIPS), is a high-efficiency single cell seeder for use in high-value cell workflows.  VIPS combines single-cell cloning with an image-based ‘double lock’ of clonality assurance with imaging in both the droplet immediately after deposition and whole-well imaging post media fill, for a confident regulatory submission.  

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Understanding The ‘Double Lock’ of Clonal Assurance
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Delievering good results. Overall a good investment for cell line development.
Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area: Single cell cloning and imaging

"We are using VIPS for CHO single cell disposition and monoclonality assurance. The learning curve was longer than what we expected but we did get better results from VIPS than our previous workflow using a standalone imager from another vendor."

Review date: 28 Mar 2022 | Solentim VIPS™

Accelerated, modernized workflows: 

  • Gentler cell handling and high-efficiency seeding leading to higher efficiency outgrowth, workflows are accelerated and plate numbers are reduced. 
  • VIPS more than halves the time for single-cell cloning workflows when compared to a typical two-step limited dilution methodology.
  • VIPS opens the door to the concept of the 384 well-based projects in a plate.
  • Maximum confidence with the Double Lock of Assurance: 
  • VIPS offers the highest level of assurance with two tiers of quality evidence of clonality for confident IND submissions.

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Solentim VIPS™ by Advanced Instruments product image

Solentim VIPS™

Manufacturer Advanced Instruments  |  Available Worldwide

4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews