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Seward Stomacher® 3500 Autoclave blender bags by Seward Ltd

Manufacturer Seward Ltd  |   Model: BA6042/ACL  |  Available Worldwide
The first paddle blender bag designed to be autoclave resistant for disposal

Seward Stomacher® 3500 Autoclave blender bags by Seward Ltd product image
Stomacher® 3500 Autoclavable Blender Bag
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Seward Stomacher® 3500 Autoclavable Bags are the first paddle blender bags designed to be fully autoclavable for sterility methods post-testing. Their innovative design eliminates the risks of bag rupture and spillages when autoclaving, delivering one-step, hassle-free bag disposal.  Following development and extensive evaluation by Seward, the new Stomacher® 3500 Autoclavable blender bag has been shown to be robust enough to withstand both the physical demands of the blending action and subsequent autoclaving. Compatible with the Seward Stomacher® 3500 the blender bags are suitable for environmental analysis, food microbiology, sterility testing, and industrial mixing applications.