SA3800 Spectral Analyzer by Sony Biotechnology

Manufacturer Sony Biotechnology
The Sony SA3800 spectral cell analyzer incorporates advanced electronics, patented optical technologies and many points of automation to deliver true workflow simplicity.Spectral technology in the SA3800 optimizes sensitivity and enhances dim signal detection by collecting photons from 420nm to 800nm. It also simplifies multicolor application design, workflow and analysis for experienced and novice users.

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SA3800 Spectral Analyzer
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Automation is present across all operations, from instrument startup, to quality control, acquisition, analysis, and system maintenance. Software wizards guide users through procedures across the workflow making the system approachable to flow cytometry users of all levels.

Novel global standardization automatically sets the system to a master specification with a single click. This capability eliminates instrument variability from day to day and across multiple instruments for greater reliability.

The system features easy to use software and automation that speeds tasks across the workflow-from set up to shut down. Automated alignment, experimental designer and spectral library are just a few of the features that simplify operation. Each system includes fully integrated FCS Express™ software to offer the highest flexibility in analysis.

Spectral technology easy to use software, and automation across the workflow, make the SA3800 an excellent fit for facilities looking for a capable and easy-to-use analyzer for cellular acquisition and analysis.

SA3800 Spectral Analyzer Highlights

  • Uses spectral analysis technology to optimize sensitivity while simplifying application design and workflow.
  • Unique 3D plate motion technology enables the plate (and sample) to move in horizontal and vertical directions to eliminate the need for cumbersome fluidics and their correlated sample to sample cross contamination. In addition, built-in mixing mechanisms adjust for optimal CVs between samples.
  • Features automation across the workflow including automated alignment and a software calibration wizard to simplify operation and improve the reliability of results.

The SA3800 is for non-clinical research use only and is a Class 1 laser product.