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RG Raman Microscope by Photonic Solutions Ltd

RG Raman microscope is ideally suited to all kinds of demanding Raman spectroscopy applications that require high spectral and spatial resolution, long mapping range, extremely stable laser power, high sensitivity, and broad spectral range (from low frequency to high-frequency Raman shift).
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RG Raman Microscope

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RG Raman microscope provides diffraction-limited spatial resolution, and extremely high throughput and is additionally equipped with transmitted visible light microscopy on a separate camera sensor. RG Raman microscope can be used in upright microscopy and inverted microscopy configurations. All that is needed for switching between modes – flip the device from top to bottom.

This instrumental setup allows for both sample viewing using optical microscopy capabilities and simultaneously performing measurements by Raman spectroscopy.

The visual observation reveals morphological details of a sample (e.g. color, size, shape), whereas the spectroscopic measurement reveals information about a sample's molecular structure and chemical composition.

Thanks to modular design RG Raman microscope can be equipped with RG Raman spectrometer or miniRaman spectrometer.

When equipped with RG Raman spectrometer:

  • Laser wavelength: 405nm, 562nm, 633nm, 785nm
  • Power on a sample up to 150mW
  • Spectral Range: up to 50-3700cm-1
  • Spectral Resolution: 2-4cm-1
  • Signal-to-noise ratio up to 1000:1

When equipped with miniRaman spectrometer

  • Single 785nm or dual 660nm and 785nm laser
  • Spectral range: 400-2700 cm-1 for 785nm laser and 2700-4500cm-1 for 660nm laser
  • Power at sample up to 150mW at 785nm, 32nm at 660nm
  • Spectral resolution 7-15cm-1
  • Signal-to-noise ratio up to 1000:1
  • Weight 20kg

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