RenataDX System by Waters

Manufacturer Waters  |  Available Worldwide
Effective dried blood spot analysis.

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RenataDX System
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The RenataDX™ System is a fully integrated flow-injection tandem mass spectrometry (FIA-MS/MS) IVD system for high-throughput dried blood spot analysis that delivers a robust and streamlined platform with the familiar workflow you rely on and provides:

  • High-throughput analysis of analytes from dried blood spots and other human biological matrices
  • Fully integrated bench-top system
  • Compatibility with laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) and third-party reagent kits
  • Industry-standard software workflows

The Clinical Services program also provides priority service to minimize any disruptions.

Trusted technology:

System components include the 3777C IVD Sample Manager,  ACQUITY™ UPLC™ I-Class IVD Binary Solvent Manager, and Xevo™ TQD IVD Mass Spectrometer that fits easily onto your benchtop. Fully optimized for diagnostics, the RenataDX System also includes:

  • An easy-to-use software interface
  • The ability to import sample worklists from 3rd party sample preparation equipment
  • Tool-free and rapid ESI source cleaning

Acquire and process samples efficiently and securely:

MassLynx™ (IVD) Software streamlines your data workflow with integrated data acquisition, processing, and reporting through laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and third-party middleware applications.

The IonLynx™ Application Manager can run simultaneously with data collection, meaning your results can arrive in real-time. User-definable reports ensure your results are presented exactly as you want them consistently. Applying MassLynx Basic Security, your results can have enhanced security and traceability.

System flexibility to suit your laboratory's needs:

Due to its open-platform design, the RenataDX System can be adapted to your laboratory workflow.

  • The flexibility to run any FIA-MS/MS laboratory-developed test or reagent kit
  • The ability to tailor system parameters, such as your own MS methods, sample injection volumes, and wash settings
  • Adjustable sample plate set-up to accommodate high-volume samples

Robust and reproducible data:

High-throughput, routine operation complex matrices such as dried blood spots are uncompromised with low carryover and high reproducibility, providing you with the highest confidence that your results will arrive on-time, every time.

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RenataDX System by Waters product image

RenataDX System

Manufacturer Waters  |  Available Worldwide

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