QualAssure™ Solutions by Artel

Manufacturer Artel  |  Available Worldwide
Optimize your automated liquid handlers with the ideal liquid for your application. MVS QualAssure solutions can measure performance over a wide volume range of 0.0001 to 350 μL. QualAssure solutions are available for aqueous and non-aqueous volume transfers, including dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), PCR master mix-like (PCRMix ™) and serum and plasma-like solutions (SerumSub ™ and PlasProxy ™).  

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QualAssure™ Solutions
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QualAssure for MVS

Optimizing liquid classes can seem tedious but with an MVS, the process is fast and straightforward. Simply set up your assay and use the MVS reagent that best mimics your liquid. You can test different liquid class settings and then use the MVS to measure how the setting affects liquid handling accuracy and precision.

Aqueous QualAssure solutions will help you:

  • Verify the accuracy and precision of all automated liquid handlers (1–384 dispensing tips) and handheld multichannel pipettes
  • Measure performance over a wide volume range of 0.0001 to 350 µL
  • Easily optimize liquid delivery volumes    

PCRMix™ QualAssure are solutions for MVS that have been manufactured with a proprietary formulation that includes some of the main constituents that comprise commercial master mix. PCRMix is built to mimic the rheological properties of commercial master mix. It is an “off the shelf” solution that allows you to verify the volume of master mix that is dispensed by your automated liquid handler.

PCRMix QualAssure solutions will help you:

  • Ensure master mix delivery volume is accurate and precise
  • Decrease variability of PCR assay results and even false results

A 100% DMSO QualAsssure solution has been developed for use with the MVS. DMSO QualAssure is capable of measuring volumes down to 10 nL. As with all MVS QualAssure solutions, results are traceable to international standards.

DMSO-based QualAssure solutions will help you:

  • Ensure concentrations of compounds in assay plates by measuring nL volumes of 100% DMSO
  • Measure performance of acoustic dispensing systems and other low-volume liquid dispensers
  • Standardize nL volume delivery across liquid handler types with DMSO- and aqueous-based solutions

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QualAssure™ Solutions by Artel product image

QualAssure™ Solutions

Manufacturer Artel  |  Available Worldwide

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