Pure Chromatography Systems by Buchi

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide

Suitable for any purification need in any environment  

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Pure chromatography systems for flash and prep HPLC
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The Pure chromatography systems offer a compact design that meets the highest safety standards for flash or prep HPLC applications. The platform offers ultimate protection of the user and their sample while enabling purifications to be conveniently carried out in minimal amount of lab space. 

The chromatography instruments offer:

  • Optimal use of lab space with small footprint and an extra solvent platform 
  • Convenient cartridge/column holders in front of the system
  • Efficient detection with integrated UV and ELSD detectors
  • Smart combination of flash and prep HPLC in one system
  • Unique enclosed fraction collector bay that ensures clean air in the lab
  • Leak and pressure sensors for maximal safety during operation
  • Remote control possibilities that reduce time spent directly in the laboratory
  • User-friendly software that follows proven logic
  • Universal sample injection
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance with readily accessible system parts 

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Pure Chromatography Systems by Buchi product image

Pure Chromatography Systems

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide

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