PolyJet™ Viscous Fluid Dispenser by BioDot Inc.

Manufacturer BioDot Inc.  |   Model: PolyJet  |  Available Worldwide
Non contact, pneumatic diaphram valve dispensing for high viscosity jetting.

PolyJet™ Viscous Fluid Dispenser by BioDot Inc. product image
PolyJet™ Viscous Fluid Dispenser
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The PolyJet is used to dispense fluids such as Oils, Adhesives, & High Viscosity reagents or reagents with Particles.

The technology evolves by pheumatically feeding the lliquid material to a constant volume cavity followed by a pneumatic actuation of a diaphragm, which ejects a drop through an oriface. Without heating, PolyJet can dispense reagents up to 1,000 cps. With heating, the oriface, PolyJet can dispense up to 5,000 cps.