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Discrete Picoliter, Nanoliter, and Microliter drops with unmatched speed and precision by combining proprietary Rainmaker™ and BioJet™ dispensing technologies on one platform.

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BioDot Inc.

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Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Dispensing with great accuracy

Good effective product

Review Date: 3 Mar 2023 | BioDot Inc.

Product features:

  • Volumes: 2μL- 30μL as a single drop
  • Volume precision of <3% CV
  • High speed, non-contact dispensing
  • Bulk Dispense Scalable from R&D to production environments
  • Printing with Step-and-Repeat and On-the-Fly mode
  • Minimization of cold-chain logistics and costs
  • Lyobeads are thermally stable with a long shelf life
  • Lyobeads have lower risk of contamination
  • Lyobeads have single unit reconstitution


  • Enzymes​​
  • Buffers​​
  • Chromophores​​
  • Probiotics​​
  • Vaccines​​
  • Calibrators​​
  • PCR assays​​
  • Antibodies​​
  • Diagnostic reagents​​
  • Magnetic/Fluorescent Particles

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