PhysioMimix™ NASH-in-a-box by CN Bio

Manufacturer CN Bio

Fast-track your route to successful NASH therapeutic development with CN Bio's 3D NASH model.

PhysioMimix™ NASH-in-a-box by CN Bio product image
PhysioMimix™ NASH-in-a-box
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NASH-in-a-box contains everything required to recreate CN Bio's industry-validated human in vitro Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) model in your own laboratory. It is designed for use with our PhysioMimix OOC range of single- and multi-organ microphysiological systems.

NASH-in-a-box supports:

  • The rapid adoption of an organ-on-a-chip approach by scientists, irrespective of their experience
  • Instant access to validated protocols developed and refined through years of industry collaboration
  • Generation of high-content clinically translatable data to unlock disease mechanisms and confirm drug efficacy and safety

Features of the NASH-in-a-box kit:

Use NASH-in-a-box to address the limitations of traditional approaches and avoid unexpected results in the clinic.

  • PhysioMimix OOC compatible
  • Software-guided protocols
  • 3D validated primary human hepatocytes, stellate, and Kupffer cells
  • Proprietary NASH media and supplements
  • Assay kits to quality control cultured 3D liver microtissues

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PhysioMimix™ NASH-in-a-box by CN Bio product image

PhysioMimix™ NASH-in-a-box

Manufacturer CN Bio

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