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Multi-chip Liver-12 (MPS-LC12) Plates by CN Bio

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Multi-chip Liver-12 consumable plates from CN Bio enable the advanced culture of 12 human 3D liver microtissues under perfusion/plate. Each microtissue recapitulates the functionality and microarchitecture of the human liver to accurately predict drug responses.

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Multi-chip Liver-12 (MPS-LC12) consumable plates are compatible with PhysioMimix™ Single, and Multi-organ Systems. Arranged in a multi-well format, each plate features 12 independent chips that provide the optimal cell culture environment for primary human hepatocytes and non-parenchymal cells for up to 4 weeks.

During experiments, embedded three-dimensional (3D) scaffolds are continually perfused by oxygen and nutrients to create microtissues that recapitulate human liver functionality and microarchitecture. Following exposure to drug treatment large recoverable volumes of microtissue and culture media enable users to unlock deep mechanistic insights into drug mechanism of action for more informed decision making.
Validated applications for Liver-12 plates include:

  • Liver disease modelling: e.g. NAFLD/NASH, Hepatitis B, Breast cancer liver metastasis
  • Toxicology: drug-induced liver injury in the presence of absence of liver disease
  • ADME: drug metabolism and hepatic clearance
  • Pharmacology
  • Immuno-oncology
  • Drug repurposing

Liver-12 plates are:

  • Suitable for organoids, spheroids, iPSCs, primary cells, immortalized cell lines and precision-cut tissue slices
  • For use with all CN Bio’s PhysioMimix™ Single and Multi-organ Systems
  • Designed to support users transitioning from 2D cell culture into 3D microtissues via a familiar open-well plate-based format
  • PDMS-free, reducing non-specific binding for non-biased assessment of drug responses

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