P3 Protein Precipitation Plate by Porvair Sciences Ltd

Manufacturer Porvair Sciences Ltd  |   Model: 240011  |  Available Worldwide

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P3 Protein Precipitation Plate

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The P3 plate is based on the industry standard Microlute™. With a novel frit matrix and treatment, means that there is no “wetting out” and leaking of the sample through the plate.

The P3 plate from Porvair Sciences solves all those problems associated with the CRASH method of protein removal.

P3 Protein Precipitation Plate Features:

  • Pre filter to trap large flocculant particles.
  • Final filter to trap fine protein particles.
  • Hydrophobic/Oleophobic filters to retain. sample/acetonitrile for mixing, until vacuum is applied.
  • Pore size sufficient to allow ideal flow rate.
  • Inert filter material to ensure no adsorption of sample components.
  • Filter to retain all protein flocculant – no break through.
  • Features of plate technology to allow hands off approach – highly automatable.

Now available from Porvair Sciences Limited: the NEW P3
Product No. 240100