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Krystal™, 384-Well, Assay Microplates – Black & White

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384 Well Clear Assay Microplate

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Great results, very convenience, easy to do experiments!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Analyze infection in cells and drug effect on infection

Great experience, very compatible to use with multi dispenser machine. Easy to check through epi-fluorescence microscope to track the experiment in between. Easy to analyze with the high throughput imaging equipment.

Review Date: 25 Apr 2017 | Porvair Sciences Ltd

Nice results.


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Measure the light density to measure the content of ATP

I can achieve high quality and reproducible results. It is easy to use. It can be used immediately after taking out. No after-sales care needed before due to high quality. For the price, it would be nice if the price is lower. But it is OK now.

Review Date: 19 Jan 2016 | Porvair Sciences Ltd

The Krystal 384 well microplate range incorporates novel square wells with large liquid capacity of 120µl per well, increasing the achievable sensitivity of most HTS assays performed. Using a proprietary manufacturing technique the Krystal 384 offers market leading plate flatness (+0.1mm tolerance) that translates into a significant increase in measurement precision and elimination of misreads when performing cell based assays using fluorescence imagers.


Opaque walls to prevent well-to-well crosstalk
Clear plate bottom permits direct microscopic viewing
Thickness of bottom: 0.40mm
For use with top or bottom reading instruments
Maintaining the standard SBS/ANSI format
Constructed from ultra pure grade polystyrene
High temperature resistance (-196 °C to +60 °C

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