Multivapor™ P-6 / P-12 by Buchi

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide
Highly efficient rotary evaporation of multiple samples

Multivapor™ P-6 / P-12 by Buchi product image
Multivapor for efficient evaporation of multiple samples
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The Mutlivapor™ offers maximal efficiency through simultaneous evaporation of multiple samples. The instrument offers:

  • Improved efficiency by processing up to 12 samples in parallel
  • Increased sample throughput with a fraction collector integrated in the Multivapor
  • Possibility to use of a wide range of solvent volumes and sample sizes
  • Simple system operation with easily adjustable parameter settings
  • Transparent design for full visibility of the samples during the distillation process
  • Easy, quick sample handling with the sample transfer rack
  • Perfectly complemented by BUCHI Speed Extractor with optimized sample transfer between instruments using the same vessels
  • Adaptable to already existing glassware with a wide variety of available adapters
  • Tailored to the size of your experiment thanks to flexible rack replacement of 6 or 12 samples