Multi-chip Barrier (MPS-T12) Plates by CN Bio by CN Bio

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Multi-chip Barrier (MPS-T12) consumable Plates from CN Bio are used to culture advanced in vitro barrier models under perfusion, such as gut-on-a-chip or lung-on-a-chip, to predict human drug responses more accurately.

Multi-chip Barrier (MPS-T12) Plates by CN Bio by CN Bio product image
Multi-chip Barrier (MPS-T12) Plate
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Exclusively for use with the PhysioMimix Single-organ Higher throughput (HT) System, Multi-well Liver-48 (MPS-LC48) consumable plates enable the miniaturization of our well-characterized human liver model that recapitulates  the liver’s functionality and microarchitecture. The solution facilitates larger scale, yet cost-effective comparative drug screening. Providing 48 chips within one SBS-standard footprint, the plate easily supports in-plate replicates, controls and 7-point dose responses for data robustness/ reproducibility. 

Enabling multi-plate experiments per system, this highly scalable solution brings game-changing throughput for predicting drug safety and efficacy in studies of the human liver. Arranged in a multi-well format, the plate features 48 independent chips each containing a three-dimensional (3D) scaffold. During experiments, scaffolds are continually perfused by oxygen and nutrients, creating the ideal culture conditions for 3D liver microtissue formation from primary human hepatocytes. 
This next-generation technology overcomes three adoption limitations, cost/chip, throughput and data confidence so that you can benefit from human-relevant insights earlier than ever before.

Validated applications for Multi-chip Liver-48 plates include:

  • Liver disease modelling: e.g. NAFLD/NASH, Hepatitis B, Breast cancer liver metastasis
  • Toxicology: drug-induced liver injury in the presence of absence of liver disease  
  • ADME: drug metabolism and hepatic clearance
  • Pharmacology 
  • Immuno-oncology 
  • Drug repurposing

Liver-48 plates are: 

  • Suitable for organoids, spheroids, iPSCs, primary cells, immortalized cell lines 
  • For sole use with CN Bio’s PhysioMimix Single organ HT System 
  • Designed to support users transitioning from 2D cell culture into 3D microtissues via a familiar open-well plate-based format 
  • PDMS-free, reducing non-specific binding for non-biased assessment of drug responses

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