Minispec mq – Droplet Size Analyzer by Bruker BioSpin

Manufacturer Bruker BioSpin  |  Available Worldwide
Droplet Size Distribution for Food Emulsions.

Minispec mq – Droplet Size Analyzer by Bruker BioSpin product image
Minispec mq – Droplet Size Analyzer
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The droplet size distribution in emulsions of water in oil (and oil in water) influences the taste, smell, appearance and microbial stability of foods such as margarine, butter, mayonnaise, salad dressing and soft cheese.

The Bruker minispec provides a fast and accurate analysis of droplet size distribution, giving manufacturers important information about the shelf life and palatability of their products. With the new G-Var Method, the Droplet Size Analyzer is now even faster and more cost efficient than before.


Benefits of the new G-Var Method versus previous D-Var method and other methods:

  • Up to 4 times faster than previous D-Var method
  • Lower limit of quantifiable droplet phase (now down to 2%)
  • Can measure smaller droplet sizes than before (now: oil droplets 0.5-10µm; water droplets 1-30µm)
  • Highest precision of all methods
  • Lowest total cost of ownership per measurement of all methods


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