Micropix VidCAM HD by Micropix

Manufacturer Micropix  |  Available in North America, Western Europe, Asia, Eastern Europe, South Central America, Australia Oceania, Africa
Standalone (no PC required), HD video camera with built-in SD card and mouse pointer.

Micropix VidCAM HD by Micropix product image
Micropix VidCAM HD

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  • Output directly to a screen / projector via HDMI or VGA (using a converter).
  • Ideal for MDM / MDT (multi-disciplinary meetings / team), presentations, projectors, TV screens etc.
  • Full HD image (1920x1080).
  • Camera runs at 60 frames per second for smooth live image.
  • Mouse acts as image pointer - very useful during discussions.
  • Save images and record video onto SD card.
  • Image comparison feature allows user to split screen to compare live image to previously saved image.
  • Very user-friendly with auto white balance and auto exposure - simply turn the camera on and off when required.