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MegaMix Blue by Microzone

Manufacturer Microzone  |   Model: 2MMB-1
  |  1 reviews
MegaMix Blue offers efficient PCR with a 1.1X mix, including Taq DNA polymerase, 220 μM dNTP, 2.75 mM MgCl2, and blue agarose dye. Optimized for high yields, it simplifies visualization without affecting downstream processes, eliminating the need for extra gel loading buffers.

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MegaMix Blue
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Average Rating: 5.0
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  • Ease of use
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Reliable, easy to use product.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: We use this product as a master mix in a few of our routine PCR tests (diagnostic setting).

"We have always found this product reliable, cost-effective and easy to use. We rarely have any issues with the availability/delivery of this product. The only downside to ordering and using this product is that we are required to justify the use of this product for our quality department each year. As an accredited laboratory, we are asked to ensure that suppliers are ISO9001 accredited, which Microzone is not."

Review date: 31 Jan 2024 | MegaMix Blue

MegaMix Blue

Containing all the components needed to perform PCR swiftly and reliably. The 1.1X mix contains standard Taq DNA polymerase, 220 μM dNTP, 2.75 mM MgCl₂ and blue agarose loading dye in Microzone’s proprietary enhancing buffer. MegaMix Blue is optimised to provide high yields under standard conditions. The blue agarose loading dye incorporated allows easy visualisation and eliminates the need for additional gel loading buffers. The dye does not inhibit restriction enzymes or ligases and does not fluoresce at the wavelengths used by automated DNA sequencers so downstream processes are not impacted.

Key Features

  • More confidence in amplification and PCR tests. 
  • Mastermix format is ready to use. 
  • Inert blue agarose loading dye allows for easy visualisation. 
  • Easy set up and PCR optimisation. 
  • Broad range of templates and conditions. 
  • Extremely stable and can be freeze thawed many times.


  • Routine PCR up to 6kb.
  • Genotyping. 
  • TA cloning. 
  • Microarray Analysis. 
  • Colony PCR. 
  • Amplification of GC and AT rich templates. 
  • Methylated DNA.