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IVARO AP is more than just a liquid handler. It supports you in all types of sample preparation. Filling liquids into several identical tubes is just as easy as aliquoting samples into different containers and microtest plates, or creating dilution series.

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IVARO Tube Handler AP
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Whether you are processing open or closed tubes, whether these are to be labeled or weighed – IVARO AP adapts to your process. Depending on the application, you can flexibly determine the use of micro screw tubes, 15/50 ml tubes or other screw cap tubes, reservoirs or plates. Complex applications can be accomplished by combining the different IVARO modules. Time-consuming, manual and monotonous workflows are carried out safely and reliably with just one instrument.

The heart of IVARO AP is the state-of-the-art pipetting system. Equipped with a capacity- and pressure-based liquid level detection system (cLLD and pLLD) as well as a precise Qualitative Pipette Monitoring (QPM) module, pipetting inaccuracies are minimized and dosing processes optimized. IVARO AP guarantees excellent pipetting results - even with volatile substances such as acetone or ethanol. In addition, IVARO AP can be equipped with a scale for precise documentation of the total filling quantity.

Precise and flexible processing of your samples on IVARO AP guarantees maximum safety and consistent documentation for any sample and aliquot.

  • Reliable pipetting/aliquoting
  • High flexibility
  • Safe processing
  • Reproducible processes

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IVARO Tube Handler AP by SARSTEDT product image

IVARO Tube Handler AP

Manufacturer SARSTEDT  |  Available Worldwide

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