IQ Workcell Series by Beckman Coulter

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter
A scalable, harmonized urinalysis solution to meet your laboratory's needs

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IQ Workcell Series
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The iQ series of urinalysis workcells pairs two automated urine analyzers: the Iris iRICELL series of urine microscopy instrumentation and the ARKRAY AUTION MAX™ AX-4030 fully automated urine chemistry analyzer.

Benefit from Digital Flow Morphology technology that uses Auto-particle Recognition (APR) software to deliver standardized and accurate results, combined with ARKRAY’s robust and reliable urine chemistry analyzer.

Product features:

  • Digital Flow Morphology and APR software deliver standardized results
  • Multiple parameters provide a complete picture of specimen status for better insight
  • High-quality results delivered for clinicians
  • A urine culture indicator assists in highlighting samples that may require urine culture
  • On-screen verification of results improves TAT
  • Edit-free Release technology auto-releases results based on user-defined parameters to increase walk-away efficiency
  • Auto-classification of 12 particle types with 27 sub-categories with on-screen digital imaging can result in automatic reporting without operator review or intervention
  • Simple walk-away operation provides operators the ability to multitask while delivering rapid results
  • Less than one unscheduled service visit per year results in less unplanned downtime
  • Expanded urine test strip range gives you the ability to report more urine chemistry ranges, providing additional clinically relevant information.