INTACT Software Library by Intact Digital

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INTACT Software Library is a software hosting platform with a comprehensive set of services for installing and validating software installations to ensure reliable reproducibility of past studies. That is critical to ensure archived data integrity and compliance with long-term data retention regulations. It is also essential for long-term protection of IP and valuable digital assets. With INTACT Software Library your organization has a reliable access to technologies that you need to keep your

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INTACT Software Library
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INTACT Software Library by Intact Digital

INTACT Software Library uses state-of-the-art virtualization techniques and remote access technologies to provide reliable and convenient use of software installations through secure virtual desktops.  The Software Library complements your archiving systems by providing software needed to view and process your archived data. 

Each organization or lab is provided with a tailored Software Library to support the organizational policies and procedures for managing data and software use. Each Software Library is designed to enable 

  • Hosting of legacy software installations
  • Management of software records and user accounts and registration
  • Reliable and convenient remote use of software installations through virtual desktops set up for specific tasks 
  • Secure storage and management of software files, software documentation, installation documentation and licenses, and installation images of virtualized software.

This is achieved through three key Software Library components built for all of your applications:

  1. Software Library Management portal provides organizational account management and user account management and includes Software registration records, Service reports and Usage reports.
  2. Software Library portal hosts software installations and enables use of software through Active Desktops: Virtual desktops with installed software, Transfer Desktop for transferring data, Installation Console for installing software and Validation Desktop for managing the testing and documentation of software installations. Digital Vault Desktop provides read-only access to Digital Vault content.
  3. Digital Vault provides deep storage of software files and vendor documentation, storage of software installation images, test data and test scripts, and integrity checks of stored files and documentation. Digital Vault is not directly accessible to the users. Digital Vault Desktop (in the Software Library Portal) provides access to a viewable copy of the stored files and documents.

Benefits of INTACT Software Library include

  • Effective long-term use and management of digital assets
  • Reliable readability of archived data, including raw data from pre-clinical studies
  • A principal approach to regulatory compliance on data retention and study reproduction
  • Increased productivity through easy access to past research and reduced redundancy in research work
  • Freed-up IT support resources to focus on operations support
  • Secure long term value of your digital technology investment and IP
  • Digital transformation without disruption.

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INTACT Software Library by Intact Digital product image

INTACT Software Library

Manufacturer Intact Digital  |  Available Worldwide

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