instaCELL Cytotoxicity Assay Kit by accellerate

Manufacturer accellerate  |   Model: SF010  |  Available Worldwide
Cell based kit including Assay Ready Cells for in vitro cytotoxicity testing  

instaCELL Cytotoxicity Assay Kit by accellerate product image
instaCELL Cytotoxicity Assay Kit

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The cytotoxicity assay kit is built on Assay Ready Cells which can be used instantly for the test without pre-cultivation. Briefly, the cells are thawed, seeded into the provided assay plates and challenged with the toxic substance in serial dilutions. Viability of the cells is quantified by the addition of metabolic dyes for fluorescence (Resazurin) or colorimetric (XTT) read-out which are also included in the kit. The kit is available with various human or animal cell lines frequently used for cytotoxicity testing, e.g. NIH-3T3, HaCaT, HepG2, Jurkat and the kit can be used to estimate the starting dose for acute toxicity testing according to an ICCVAM guidance document (NIH Publication No. 01-4500).

  • Includes reliably performing assay ready cells 
  • No cell cultivation required
  • Improved reproducibility by using cells like a standardized reagent