In vitro NASH Fee-For-Service by CN Bio

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CN Bio supports R&D efforts to discover much needed non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) therapeutics via a fast-track NASH Fee-For-service. This screening service provides access to the Company’s expertise and one of the most advanced human in vitro models currently available. It delivers translatable human data for more insightful pre-clinical candidate prioritization, clinical trial design and optimization.  

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In vitro NASH Fee-For-Service
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Why does CN Bio offer NASH Fee-For-Service?

Despite a desperate need for NAFLD/ NASH therapeutics, we continue to observe late-stage candidate failures within the clinic, which in part can be attributed to the fact that existing preclinical models do not adequately predict human responses. CN Bio’s NASH Fee-For-Service program is designed to help circumvent this issue, enabling better-informed decisions about NAFLD/ NASH lead candidates ahead of the clinic.

Which in vitro NAFLD/ NASH model does CN Bio use?

In just a few weeks and at a lower cost than animal studies, CN Bio can provide you with human translatable data generated using one of the most advanced NAFLD/ NASH in vitro models available. 

This model, developed by CN Bio, utilizes proprietary liver-on-chip technology which enables the longer-term in vitro culture (>1 month) of primary liver cells in 3D microtissue structures. Importantly, it captures the following key aspects of human disease: 

  • intracellular fat accumulation/ hepatic steatosis
  • inflammation 
  • fibrosis 

Disease progression, as well as the health of liver cell types, is monitored against a range of different target pathways using a range of -omics, microscopy and biomarker assays. 

What types of screens does CN Bio offer?

This complex, human-relevant NAFLD/ NASH 3D in vitro model can be used to screen for: 

  • novel target identification
  • candidate efficacy and toxicology
  • candidate or disease mechanism of action 
  • donor to donor variabilities 
  • human drug dosing schedule 

Why should I add another pre-clinical test into our workflow?

The translatable, human-relevant data generated using CN Bio’s model can be used to support (or call into question) the conclusions of internal pre-clinical studies, thus helping to prioritise lead candidates, fail flawed candidates, identify target clinical trial cohorts or optimize dosing regimens with greater confidence.

What are the benefits?

CN Bio’s NASH Fee-For-Service provides:

  • rapid, low-cost data generation versus animal studies
  • characterization of candidate responses against a range of physiologically relevant target pathways and liver cell types 
  • human relevant efficacy data that better translates into clinical studies 
  • more informed decisions regarding pre-clinical candidate prioritization
  • insights that influence the planning and optimization of clinical trial design

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In vitro NASH Fee-For-Service by CN Bio product image

In vitro NASH Fee-For-Service

Manufacturer CN Bio

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