HydrolEx H-506 by Buchi

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide
Robust acid hydrolysis prior to fat extraction

HydrolEx H-506 by Buchi product image
HydrolEx H-506 for acid hydrolysis prior to fat extraction
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The HydrolEx H-506 offers reliable acid hydrolysis as a sample preparation step for fat extraction and total fat determination. The acid hydrolysis unit guarantees a smooth, safe and convenient process.

  • Fully conformant with official regulations for the total fat content declarations
  • Reproducible results from a standardizes and exhaustive procedure
  • Suitable for large sample volumes of up to 10 grams
  • Accurate results independent of amount of fat content or degree of homogeneity
  • High quality FKM sealings which efficiently prevent operator exposure to harmful fumes
  • Safe transfer of hydrolysate without any need for sample contact
  • Smooth movement of sample rack thanks to convenient lift device
  • Efficient rinsing capabilities thanks to specialized rinsing funnels
  • Fast filtration with complete sample transfer and high product recoveries
  • Convenient transfer of final hydrolysed sample into Soxhlet extraction chamber