HemoCue® Plasma/Low Hb System by HemoCue

Manufacturer HemoCue
The HemoCue® Plasma/Low Hb System, you can quantitatively determine even low levels of hemoglobin in plasma, serum and aqueous solutions. With this convenient solution, you can also measure stored or banked erythrocytes.

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HemoCue® Plasma/Low Hb System
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The HemoCue® Plasma/Low Hb System is intended for use in clinical laboratories for measurement of low concentrations of hemoglobin in plasma and serum specimens, aqueous solutions, or supernatant from erythrocyte suspensions. Estimation of hemolysis is a quality control parameter in many different applications, e.g., blood bank products, salvaged and filtered blood.

Chemistry Method: Azidemethemoglobin
Measurement Range: 0.03-3.0 g/dL (0.3-30.0 g/L, 30-3000 mg/dL, 0.02-1.86 mmol/L)
Sample Material: 20 µL of plasma, serum or aqueous solutions
Measurement Time: Results displayed within 15-60 seconds.