Glass Columns by Buchi

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide
Profound production expertise that guarantees highest quality HPLC glass columns

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Glass columns for flash chromatography, HPLC applications
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The glass columns for preparative chromatography offer exceptional flexibility in scale and separation requirements. High performance separations can be achieved at a pressure of up to 50 bar, while maintaining highest safety levels.

  • High sample loading capacities of up to 370 g
  • Wide range of scale-up possibilities with full selection of sorbent material
  • Purification of biomolecules on appropriate plunger columns
  • Any size available, ranging from 15 to 100 mm to 100 to 920 mm)
  • Highest separation efficiency with easy packing processes
  • Quick spearations on columns that function at a pressure of up to 50 bar
  • Maximal process efficiency thanks to minimal dead volumes
  • High user safety due to plastic-coated glass columns and eliminated exposure to silica material
  • Designed specifically for high pressure ratings

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Glass Columns by Buchi product image

Glass Columns

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide

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