Gator™ Flex SA Kit by Gator Bio

Manufacturer Gator Bio  |  Available Worldwide
Reactivable streptavidin probe with a reagent set

Gator™ Flex SA Kit by Gator Bio product image
PL168-350001: GatorTM Flex SA Kit
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Gator Bio’s GatorTM Flex SA Kit is the first in the market to provide
reactivable streptavidin probes with a reagent set. One probe can easily
be used by different users with different applications, which makes it very useful for academics or for use in fully automated screening of different
biomolecular interactions. The Gator™ platform enables researchers to
monitor whole reactivation process rapidly and provides flexibility and

Performance Summary

  • Remove both capture reagent and biotin-bait molecule and immobilize new capture reagent in under 5 minutes
  • Use with same or different biotinylated bait
  • Can be re-used 10 times or more without loss of performance
  • Automated reactivation
  • Reagents can be stored at 4°C for up to 5 months