GA2200 by Excellims

Manufacturer Excellims  |   Model: 1012013  |  Available Worldwide
The GA2200 is a High Performance Ion Mobility Spectrometer (HPIMS) which allows for rapid, selective analysis of a wide range of chemical and biological entities.
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High Performance Ion Mobility Spectrometry (HPIMS) combines the speed, sensitivity, and robustness of ion mobility with laboratory-grade resolution, specificity and repeatability. It separates molecules by size and shape on a timescale of milliseconds, allowing for rapid compositional analysis and the differentiating between coeluting compounds and isomers.A typical HPIMS analysis takes only 20–30 seconds with excellent specificity and repeatability. Moreover, the straightforward measurement principle of HPIMS (see below) simplifies method development for new compounds, providing value for organizations with many or frequently changing analytes.

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GA2200 by Excellims product image


Manufacturer Excellims  |  Available Worldwide

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