FatExtractor E-500 by Buchi

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide
Quick and compliant fat extraction

FatExtractor E-500 by Buchi product image
FatExtractor E-500 for fast, flexible, compliant extraction
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The FatExtractor E-500 enables users to easily adapt their fat extraction system to changing needs thanks to interchangeable glass assemblies. The instrument offers extraction methods according to Soxhlet, Randall or Twisselmann.

Additional benefits of the FatExtractor include:

  • Reduced cycle times thanks to high-end components such as optical sensors, powerful heating and high quality glass assembly
  • Automated Soxhlet process that is much faster than traditional glassware assemblies
  • Faster time-to-result with unprecedented daily sample throughput
  • Convenient exchange of glass assemblies that are compliant with Soxhlet, Randall (HE) and Twisselmann (ECE)
  • Flexibly meets different needs and changing demands, as unit is not limited to one extraction method
  • Unparalled speed in extraction and lowest solvent consumption of HE