Eppendorf Tubes® BioBased by Eppendorf

Manufacturer Eppendorf  |  Available Worldwide

Eppendorf Tubes ® BioBased are a new era of laboratory tubes made with bio-based, eco-friendly polymer that doesn’t sacrifice quality or performance.
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Eppendorf Tubes® BioBased

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As the concern for conservation of natural resources and the protection of our ecosystems rise, organizations look for products that will help reduce their carbon footprint. In most labs, fossil oil-based plastic consumables have become irreplaceable due to the quality standards needed in increasingly demanding applications. Laboratories around the world have expressed the glaring need to replace fossil oil-based consumables with sustainable options that offer the same quality and performance.

Eppendorf Tubes® BioBased are made with a specific bio-based polymer that consists of renewably sourced and reused feedstocks, such as used cooking oil. The raw materials used to produce the renewable feedstock are traceable back to the first collection points. Additionally, the origin of the renewable raw materials come from certified suppliers committed to sustainability. This means that your lab can make an eco-conscious decision to meet the current need for tubes while maintaining product quality and performance. Do your part by reducing your lab’s carbon footprint – switch to Eppendorf’s Tubes BioBased.

Key Features:

  • Premium biobased polypropylene - produced from recycled feedstock in second generation - in this case derived solely from waste and residue streams e.g. from vegetable oil production and used cooking oil
  • ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) to enable traceability along the entire supply chain
  • ACT (Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency) Certification - the independent validation provided by My Green Lab®

Relevant Applications: 

  • Cell Culture
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular Biology

Product Overview

Eppendorf Tubes® BioBased by Eppendorf product image

Eppendorf Tubes® BioBased

Manufacturer Eppendorf  |  Available Worldwide

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