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ThermoMixer® F1.5

Heating and mixing in 1.5 mL reaction vessels.

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Average Rating 4.6

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Great results


Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

DNA, metabolite isolation

Easy to use and modulate temperature.

Review Date: 28 Sept 2023 | Eppendorf

Great results. Always recommend to researcher around and collegues.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Boiling of cell lysates and tissue extracts, western blot, expression studies

Its really helpful instrument, easy to use. Always get consistent results. Helpful for preparation of lysates for western blot analysis, PCR analysis.

Review Date: 1 Sept 2023 | Eppendorf

Excellent results


Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

Good product

Good efficiency ratio Easy to use Resistant

Review Date: 31 Mar 2023 | Eppendorf

Great instrument, really helpful. Can not imagine research without it.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Boiling of cell lysates and tissue extracts, western blot sample preparation, you can mix and boil s

Easy to handle and use. Helpful for preparation of samples including cell lysates and tissue extracts for western blot analysis. Very useful as it perform dual function of boiling and mixing of all samples at the same time.

Review Date: 20 Mar 2023 | Eppendorf

Rugged, even temperature distribution with gradient incremental process.


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:


The product is very compact, well structured and energy saving. The temperature distribution is even and the mixing is perfect. The noise level is zero. I love the product and recommend it for any body buying a thermal mixer for biotechnology and Research purposes.

Review Date: 24 Sept 2022 | Eppendorf

User friendly, quick - best mixer.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Mixing and incubating samples.

Easy to use and efficient.

Review Date: 18 Jun 2021 | Eppendorf

All what you need for repeatable sample preparations!


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Sample preparation - proteins digestion

Intuitive and easy to use heating/cooling block with shaking option. Exchangeable sample rack for many different formats. Nice and useful heating top (ThermoTop) for condensation protection (option, not included with block).

Review Date: 18 Feb 2019 | Eppendorf

Great instrument- some faults


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:


It is very convenient and to be able to use different adapters (for various sizes of tubes) makes it very adaptable. However we had to go through two rounds of replacement and repair to get a good working model.

Review Date: 5 Mar 2018 | Eppendorf

It's mandatory for an assay -Somascan by Somalogic.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Protein assay

The Thermomixer is reliable,easy to program and easy to use.

Review Date: 3 Nov 2017 | Eppendorf

I cannot live without this!


Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

Gcms Synthesis

This item is amazing. It can shake, vortex, and be used as a temperature bath. We use it for everything. There is no mess, and many samples can be used at the same time. There are many types of interchangable tables that allow you to use any type of vials.

Review Date: 6 Mar 2017 | Eppendorf

This product is the perfect choice for mixing and heating established routine applications in a fixed 1.5 mL block.

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