epoc® Blood Analysis System by Siemens Healthineers

Improve outcomes and workflow while transforming care delivery across clinical pathways. The epoc ® Blood Analysis System gives you lab-quality results here and now.

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epoc® Blood Analysis System
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The epoc system is a handheld, wireless solution to enable comprehensive blood analysis testing at the patient’s side on a single room temperature test card, with results in less than a minute.

Accelerate clinical decision making

  • Customize critical ranges and notify clinicians immediately.
  • Provide fast, wireless transmission of patient results.

Streamline patient-testing workflow.

  • System provides full-panel testing and automatic calibration prior to analysis. vOnly 92 μL of blood is required for the full panel of tests.
  • Integrated bar-code reader provides easy identification of patient and operator IDs.

Simplify inventory management.

  • Use single-use, room temperature-stable test cards.
  • Improve inventory management and reduce waste with one test card with 11 analytes:
    • pH
    • Na+
    • Cl-
    • Crea
    • pCO2
    • K+
    • Glu
    • Hct
    • pO2
    • Ca++
    • Lac

Deliver real-time results and reporting.
•    Easily transmit patient results from the analyzer to the electronic medical record (EMR/LIS/HIS) in seconds.
•    Reduce transcription errors when downloading results at remote locations.