DiluPhotometer by Implen

Manufacturer Implen  |   Model: OD600-1020  |  Available Worldwide
Small portable solution for fast quantification.

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The OD600 DiluPhotometer™ has been designed for the spectrophotometric analysis of bacterial and yeast growth rates and the quantification of proteins at a wavelength nearby 600 nm (e.g. Bradford).

The instrument is battery operated and can be easily transported for usage in incubation cabinets and under anaerobic conditions. The batteries last for almost 1 month when fully charged. A 600nm LED source in combination with a fiber optic is used to obtain the optical density measurement. Spills can be easily wiped from the surface, and the cell compartment area can be rinsed with, formaldehyde or ethylene oxide to sterilize the instrument.

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DiluPhotometer by Implen product image


Manufacturer Implen  |  Available Worldwide

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