Cytokeratin 5 & 6 (D5 & 16B4) by Merck

Manufacturer Merck  |   Model: 356M-1 series  |  Available Worldwide
Cytokeratin 5 & 6 (D5 & 16B4) Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

Cytokeratin 5 & 6 (D5 & 16B4) by Merck product image
Cytokeratin 5 & 6 (D5 & 16B4) on mesothelioma cells
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Twenty identified cytokeratins make up a complex family of  intermediate filaments. Cytokeratin 5 (58kDa) & cytokeratin 6 (56kDa) are type II high molecular weight keratins that are expressed in a broad range of normal tissues including breast, prostate, mesothelium, skin and esophagus. Anti-Cytokeratin 5 & 6 is a useful immunohistochemical marker in the identification of mesothelioma and lung squamous cell carcinoma.