Custom Immunoassay Development Services by Merck

Manufacturer Merck  |  Available Worldwide
Custom assays to meet your needs

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Custom Immunoassay Development Services

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Optimize your assay solutions to make your experiments more reliable and straightforward by designing an assay to measure specific biomarkers of interest with our custom assay development team. With decades of in-house expertise in immunoassay development, we design to your exact sensitivity, throughput and sample volume constraints to meet your needs.

  • Choose from over 600 existing analytes
  • Develop new analytes for multiplex or single protein detection
  • 96- or 384- well formats available
  • Supporting assay design on four platforms -- Luminex® systems, SMC™ Erenna® Immunoassay platform, Gyrolab™ workstations, ELISA plate readers

Get the degree of customization you need

  • Combine existing assays from our broadest collection of analytes available.
  • Receive complete protocols, analytical validation and all the reagents you need in a single kit.
  • Got an antibody? We can conjugate it to xMAP beads and validate for your Luminex system or your platform of choice.
  • No antibody yet? We’ll develop one for you, carefully choosing immunogen and appropriate screening and validation.


We deliver:

  • Leading partner for assay development
  • More than a century of combined immunoassay development experience
  • Full analytical validation
  • Project-specific quality control
  • High-throughput screening


Types of work we do:

  • Global, standardized bioanalysis for multi-site studies
  • Customized quality control and assay validation to meet your project needs
  • Add assays for new biomarkers to existing multiplex assay panels
  • Design and develop bioanalytical studies to support your translational or investigational research … and more!


The life science business of Merck KGaA,  Darmstadt, Germany operates as  MilliporeSigma in the U.S. and Canada.

Product Overview

Custom Immunoassay Development Services by Merck product image

Custom Immunoassay Development Services

Manufacturer Merck  |  Available Worldwide

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