CrossLab Smart Alerts software by Agilent Technologies

Manufacturer Agilent Technologies  |  Available Worldwide
Monitors instrument health and provides email-based alerts, notifying you when to consider replacing key consumables, when to perform preventive maintenance, and when an instrument stops running anywhere in your lab

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CrossLab Smart Alerts software
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  • Smart Alerts is a software you can install based on your preferences. It will let you know when it is time to replace consumables or schedule maintenance based on your usage, without the need for an Internet connection. It can also send you a regular health status update of your instruments, even if to just say everything is working great.
  • With Smart Alerts you will receive an immediate alert when an instrument in your lab stops running. You also get an at a glance view that shows the status of instruments across your lab in the dashboard, which you can display on a screen anywhere in your lab.
  • Smart Alerts includes insights Agilent has gained from testing compatible instruments across various applications and operating conditions.
  • You can maintain a list of favorite consumables in Smart Alerts. Your consumable alerts tell you which ones to reorder. If you purchase your consumables from Agilent, you can directly load the needed parts into your Agilent shopping cart.
  • The Remote Assist feature allows you to conveniently send support requests directly from Smart Alerts to Agilent to get fast attention for your service needs.
  • Now available for Agilent 7890, Intuvo 9000, 8860 and 8890 GCs, GC/MS systems and Agilent Infinity and Infinity II 1260 and 1290 LC systems. Smart Alerts software will soon expand to other popular Agilent instruments.