CO2 incubator CellXpert® C170i by Eppendorf

Manufacturer Eppendorf
Eppendorf Quality – Made in Germany |Fanless design | 180 °C Sterilization |Seamless chamber | Fast atmosphere recovery | Homogenous temperature verified at 27 points | Low gas consumption | Up to 25% more space | Future flexibility

CO<sub>2</sub> incubator CellXpert<sup>®</sup> C170i by Eppendorf product image
CO2 incubator CellXpert® C170i
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CO2 Incubator CellXpert® C170i from Eppendorf

Easy cleaning and efficient contamination protection 

  • 180 °C High temperature disinfection (standard)
  • Fanless design
  • Seamless incubator chamber and minimal internal parts disassembled in 40 s
  • No non-sterilizable fan-associated HEPA filters inside
  • Options for copper interior and 4/8-segmented inner doors

Optimized growth conditions for sensitive cells

  • Precise temperature uniformity throughout the chamber by multiple temperature sensors and 27-point validation (based on German norm DIN 12880)
  • Fast temperature and CO2 recovery < 5 min; no setpoint overshoot
  • For pH-stability of the medium: drift-free CO2 dual-channel IR sensor
  • O2-control for hypoxic experiments (upgradeable later)
  • Protection from vibrations and turbulence with fanless design
  • Dedicated IQ/OQ and service contracts

Save Money & Future Flexibility

  • Up to 25 % more usable space in a small footprint
  • No internal replacement parts (e.g. fan-associated HEPA filters or UV lamps)
  • Low gas consumption with smart gas control
  • Future flexibility for lab changes with upgradeable options (e.g. O2 control)
  • Changeable door handle position
  • Two access ports for user-validated devices
  • Eppendorf Quality - Made in Germany

Ergonomics & Ease of use:

  • Advanced user interface (VisioNize® touch interface)
  • Magnetic inner/outer door closing concept
  • Programmable tasks; user management 

Connectivity & Documentation:

  • Building management System (BMS, standard)
  • VisioNize® remote monitoring system onboard
  • Two front USB-ports; Ethernet

On market since: End of 2018

Produced in: Hamburg, Germany