Chirascan™ V100 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer by Applied Photophysics Ltd

When Sensitivity and Accuracy are Key

Chirascan™ V100 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer by Applied Photophysics Ltd product image
Chirascan™ V100 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer
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The Chirascan V100 CD spectrometer is ideal for examining chiral molecules of all types and sizes. Its sensitivity and accuracy ensure that researchers acquire the most from every CD analysis, producing high-quality data that adds to a deeper understanding of biomolecular mechanisms, characteristics, and interactions.

More than α-helix and β-sheet - determine structural and thermodynamic properties

  • Achieve maximum accuracy and sensitivity
  • Define response to thermal or chemical change
  • Gain insight and detect variations in secondary and tertiary structure
  • Expand capabilities with dedicated Chirascan accessories
  • Study folding and unfolding mechanisms

Ready to Run

The Chirascan systems are provided with the features and accessories needed for acquisition of superior quality data from ‘day one’.

Component Highlights:

Molecular Sieve, Activated Charcoal Filter

  • Removes common gas impurities

Active Nitrogen Management System

  • Software-controlled
  • Controls purge gas consumption

Air-Cooled Xenon Lamp

  • Up-time recorded
  • Software-controlled


  • Dual polarizing prisms maximize light throughput
  • Generates horizontally, linearly polarized monochromatic light

Photoelastic Modulator

  • Changes horizontally polarized light into circularly polarized light. Alternates between left- and right-handed circular polarized light

Temperature-Controlled Sample Chamber

  • Continuous temperature ramps
  • Consistent analytical conditions
  • Temperature measured directly in sample

Water Circulator

  • Dissipates heat from sample chamber and sample storage Peltiers

Avalanche Photodiode Detector

  • Maximum sensitivity (high signal: noise)

Optics-Based, Multi-wavelength Calibration

  • For CD accuracy

Cuvettes and Holders

  • Selected for far- and near-UV CD analysis of biomolecules (single sample mode)

Control and Analysis Software

  • Ensures O2-free conditions with N2 purge
  • Saves time with scheduled start-up/shutdown of lamp and N2 supply
  • Easily defined run parameters and store standard protocols
  • Recognizes flow cell to select best run/wash/dry protocol
  • Fail-safe lamp switch-off if N2 flow drops

Global Thermodynamic Analysis

  • Obtain melting points and enthalpies from multi-wavelength, thermal denaturation experiments