Cellwriter 240 by BioDot Inc.

Manufacturer BioDot Inc.
Features:Automated Cell DroppingAutomated Probe/DAPI DispensingIntegrated HybridizationImprove Metaphase Spread QualityPerform Up To 8 Assays On One SlideReduce Reagent CostsRemove The Need For Rubber Cement24 Slide Processing Capability

Cellwriter 240 by BioDot Inc. product image
Cellwriter 240

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  • Automated Cell Dropping
  • Automated Probe/DAPI Dispensing
  • Integrated Hybridization
  • Improve Metaphase Spread Quality
  • Perform Up To 8 Assays On One Slide
  • Reduce Reagent Costs
  • Remove The Need For Rubber Cement
  • 24 Slide Processing Capability