BioSolids CryoProbe by Bruker BioSpin

Manufacturer Bruker BioSpin  |   Model: BioSolids CryoProbe
Increase your sensitivity without sample modification

BioSolids CryoProbe by Bruker BioSpin product image
BioSolids CryoProbe
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The probe is designed for standard bore magnets and compatible with the well proven CryoPlatform. Cryogenic cooling of the RF coil and preamplifier electronics yields a sensitivity gain of more than 3 compared to conventional probes. This gain is achieved with the sample staying at room temperature.

The probe reaches MAS rates of 20 kHz with 3.2 mm rotors and the MAS3 unit. The CPMAS CryoProbe can be lowered while in the cold state with a new probe lift allowing for easy and safe rotor exchange. Automatic tuning and matching adds to the probe’s comfortable and safe operation.