apricot S range by SPT Labtech

Manufacturer SPT Labtech  |  Available Worldwide
This accessible range of liquid handling instruments delivers high-performance, intuitive and compact automated solutions that adapt well across applications. 

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apricot S3
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Why the apricot S range? 

  • Meets GLP requirements for traceability, uniformity, consistency, and quality of test results. 
  • Controlled via an intuitive touchscreen interface, eliminating the need to connect a computer. 
  • Automated X, Y, Z positioning for workflow flexibility 
  • Programmable serial dilution by column (8, 16) 
  • Automated plate to plate pipetting, plus the flexibility of Interchangeable Cores 
  • Easy operation and repeatable results with EZ-Load Tip Technology 
  • Integration ready for improved process/high-throughput pipetting 

apricot S3 

  • Easy-to-use interface via Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet. The tablet’s Wi-Fi capability enables the operation of the S3 from outside the fume hood.  
  • Motorized elevator stage raises and lowers plates and reservoirs to the desired height. 
  • Easy to program serial dilution protocols with the ability to access every column in a 24, 96, & 384 well plate or reservoirs with multiple sections. 
  • Eliminates the tedium and potential repetitive motion injuries associated with hand-held pipetting. 
  • The interchangeable core provides a wider volumetric range capability for the S3, while keeping the accuracy and precision the same across all of our different core options. 
  • Load and unload tips in just a few seconds without tools or the need to force tips into nozzles. 
  • API readily available for integration with microplate stackers, robotic arms, and automation work cells. 
  • Apricot Designs S-Pipette S3 is now apricot S3 

apricot S1 

  • Multi-channel liquid handling system with an interchangeable pipetting core. 
  • Pipette into all wells of a 96-well or 384-well plate. 
  • More than 12x faster than an 8-channel handheld pipettor. 
  • Adjustable split level plate elevators for individual sampling using multiple plates and a variety of SBS standard labware. 
  • EZ-Load tip technology to load disposable tips quickly and easily, without tools! 
  • Clamp pipetting head with simple levers. 
  • Control via easy to use interfaces: touch screen, quick access keys. 
  • Small footprint maximizes bench space and fits suitable hoods. 
  • Apricot Designs S-Pipette is now apricot S1