alphaCART – Mobile Raman System by Oxford Instruments WITec

alphaCART is WITec’s mobile, confocal Raman system for all applications that require bringing the lab to the sample.

alphaCART – Mobile Raman System by Oxford Instruments WITec product image
alphaCART – Mobile Raman System
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alphaCART’s Raman probe can be flexibly positioned in front of bulky, immovable or precious objects that can’t be transported to a microscope or that don’t fit under one. 

The system's high confocality and signal sensitivity also allow measurements through protective glass and windows, which enables studies of gases or chemical processes inside reaction chambers and other enclosures. Researchers working in the arts and archaeology, geo- or materials science will especially benefit from this versatile and powerful analytical tool.

Key Features

  • Freely positionable, fiber-coupled Raman probe
  • High spectral and spatial resolution, confocality and signal sensitivity
  • Sample survey with white-light illumination and color video camera
  • Objective, laser and spectrometer configuration options
  • Rolling flight case containing and protecting all components (optional)
  • Advanced data post-processing
  • Polarization-sensitive measurements (optional)
  • Full compatibility with alpha300 series upgrades and accessories