Agilent-NISTmAb by Agilent Technologies

Agilent NISTmAb is a reference mAb standard that is intended for system suitability testing, establishing method, instrument, or site-to-site variability, and troubleshooting mAb CQA workflows.

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Agilent NISTmAb is available in two convenient pack sizes: 1x25µL (10mg/ml, 0.25mg total) and 4x25µL (10mg/ml, 1mg total, 0.25mg per aliquot). Agilent offers end to end Biopharma workflow solutions by providing Agilent-NISTmAb standard, Agilent BioLC Columns, Agilent AdvanceBio LC/MS systems and a how-to-guide (Agilent-NISTmAb Application Compendium).


  • Convenient ordering - Choose the Agilent-NISTmAb from the same source as your Agilent BioHPLC columns
  • Fast, reliable shipment through Agilent global cold chain logistics network
  • Assured confidence in your test results - QC tested and traceable mAb standard
  • Offering Agilent solutions for end to end Biopharma workflow - Biostandard, Agilent BioLC columns and Agilent AdvanceBio LC/MS system including how-to-guide(NIST mAb application compendium)