Acura® manual 835 by Socorex Isba SA

Manufacturer Socorex Isba SA  |  Available Worldwide
Acura® manual 835 adjustable volume macropipettes

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Acura® manual 835
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Acura® manual 835 adjustable volume macropipettes
Equipped with a precision setting mechanism, the line is continuously adjustable down to a very fine volume resolution. 
Key Features:
  • Single-handed volume setting easy when other hand busy.
  • Click stops, together with freely rotating smartie plunger button cap ensure setting stability while pipetting.
Three macropipettes ranging in volume:
0.2 - 2 mL, 0.5 - 5 ml and 1 - 10 mL.
Pasteur pipette adapter supplied with dedicated 2 and 5 mL models.

Use of glass Pasteur pipette with Socorex macropipettes

Use of macropipettes is common in analytics, cell culture or for environmental and bacteriology tests. In some occasion, when sample is to be aspirated from a narrow neck bottle, the large diameter pipette tip impairs proper liquid intake. Glass Pasteur pipette being longer and thinner than regular PP macrotips, they would easily fit into those narrow bottle. The use of glass material may also be preferred if there is any risk of reaction between the sample and PP material of the tip.

As solution Socorex recommends the 2 and 5 mL Acura® manual macropipettes. When fitting the corresponding adapter, the macropipette nozzle accommodates glass Pasteur pipettes in addition to regular PP macrotips. Each adapters have two O-rings guaranteeing proper holding and tightness of standard 2 mL Pasteur pipettes with external diameter of 7 mm. Each adapter is available separately or supplied together with newly purchased instrument.

For the safe side, both the Acura® manual macropipette and Pasteur adapters are autoclavable at 121°C.