ABX Pentra C200 by HORIBA Medical

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Reliabilty and accuracy

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ABX Pentra C200

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  • Organization: Biomedical Scientist

  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
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Great equipment.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Chemistry analyzer

"ABX Pentra C200 is a good chemistry Analyser, very efficient and reliable. If values are entered correctly, quality control sample pass very well. It keeps you awake as any errors set off the alarm. It is a highly sensitive instrument."

Review date: 01 Aug 2019 | ABX Pentra C200


  • Fixed cycles provide continuous throughput of 90 colourimetric tests/hour
  • Optional high throughput ISE module (270 tests/hour)
  • Reagent management with unique "Pentra" cassette
  • Fully automatic cuvette management - 2 racks of 96 single use cuvettes
  • Dedicated waste compartment for used cuvettes and contaminated liquid
  • Integrated computer and cooling unit (Peltier)


  • Analysis Method Types:
    • Spectrophotometry: Colorimetry and Turbidimetry
    • Potentiometry: Direct (Serum or Plasma) and Indirect (Urine)
  • 15 parameters per reagent tray
  • Optional ISE Module (Na+, K+, Cl-)
  • Maximum Throughput: up to 360 test/h (140 tests/h in standard configuration)
  • CE Marked