Absorbance One by Byonoy

Manufacturer Byonoy  |  Available Worldwide
Meet Absorbance One, the UV/VIS spectrophotometer, that's bespoke to your assay! The Absorbance One brings world-class specifications to the palm of your hand. Disrupting the idea of centralized equipment, the Absorbance One’s minimal footprint and low price point mean it is available to every lab - and even every workstation. Designed for specific applications, the Absorbance One is your decentralized UV-visible spectrophotometer.

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Meet Absorbance One, the UV/VIS spectrophotometer, that's bespoke to your assay! 

Into the Darkness: The discrete design of the Absorbance One places it among the premium cuvette spectrophotometers. Capable of reading up to 5 OD, the Absorbance One pushes the boundaries of dynamic range, while wavelengths from 340 to 1,000 nm allow for a wide variety of endpoint and kinetic assays. The Absorbance One is capable of reading multiple cuvette variants, allowing for standard, semi-micro, and microvolume measurements.

Almost Magical: Byonoy‘s ambient light cancelling technology results in an open design, allowing the user to place the cuvette directly into the reader. Loading initiates an automatic measurement in a fraction of a second and results are displayed instantly in the Absorbance One App.

Auto cuvette-detection, auto initialization, auto measurement: A single USB cable connects the device to a computer, tablet or smartphone and provides access to the Absorbance One App, where a clean and user-friendly interface allows measurement results to be easily recorded and exported in the desired digital format.

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Absorbance One by Byonoy product image

Absorbance One

Manufacturer Byonoy  |  Available Worldwide

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