96-Well Deep Round Plate by Porvair Sciences Ltd

Manufacturer Porvair Sciences Ltd  |   Model: 219002  |  Available Worldwide
96 Deep well, 1ml/well, Polypropylene, round well,. Raised rim DNase/RNase free, inner bag of 5

96-Well Deep Round Plate by Porvair Sciences Ltd product image
96-Well Deep Round Plate

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Porvair Sciences has developed the first 96-well deep well plate that genuinely delivers 2.00 ml liquid capacity / well in an automation compatible SLAS / ANSI footprint.

Unlike other ‘2ml’ deep well plates that typically offer just 1.80-1.90ml / well – the new Porvair plate enables labs involved with fraction collecting, storage, plate replication and mixing applications the chance to use the full well capacity without compromise.

Manufactured under class 10,000 conditions from ultra-pure grade polypropylene, Porvair’s new 2.00ml 96-well deep well plates are certified as RNase / DNase free and contain the lowest possible level of contaminants that may leach out and affect the sample. For sensitive biological applications - Porvair 2.00ml 96-well deep well plates are available irradiated.

Measuring just 45mm in height - Porvair 2.00ml 96-well deep well plates are precisely manufactured to SBS/ANSI dimensions ensuring complete compatibility with microplate stackers, washers and automated equipment. The new plate design incorporates features that prevent ‘locking’ when stacked and enable easy heat sealing.

Catalogue Number: 219020