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TriTom™ Small Animal Whole Body Photoacoustic and Fluorescence Molecular Imaging Platform


The TriTom imaging platform utilizes photoacoustic and fluorescence tomographies (PAFT) for high-resolution, non-invasive whole-body imaging in small animal models, achieving up to 160 µm resolution. This multi-modality system enables simultaneous acquisition of photoacoustic and fluorescence data in large volumes (> 25 cm3), allowing for spectroscopic molecular analysis. 

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The TriTom is specially designed for imaging small animal models with a convenient animal handling set-up for fast, reproducible positioning of the subject and integrated gas anesthesia to quickly move from animal preparation to imaging. The rapid image acquisition time (~36 seconds) allows for fast imaging of individual subjects or capturing dynamic processes such as biodistribution, lymphatic drainage, or vasodilation. Additionally, the temperature control unit maintains the imaging environment within ± 0.1°C, ensuring the animal’s welfare throughout the imaging session.

A user-friendly image acquisition software enables new users to start collecting data quickly while maintaining the flexibility for advanced users to optimize imaging parameters for their specific research applications. The image reconstruction software is also designed for rapid reconstruction and visualization of large volumes with an open data format that allows for flexibility in image reconstruction and data management. With such versatile imaging capabilities, the state-of-the-art TriTom system is ideally suited for a wide range of preclinical applications including cancer, toxicology, developmental biology, tissue engineering and regeneration, neuroscience, cardiovascular imaging, as well as in the development of drugs, therapies, and optical and fluorescent imaging probes.

* Anatomical Imaging / Registration
* Cancer
* Tissue Engineering & Regeneration
* Developmental Biology
* Neuroimaging
* Molecular probes, optical contrast agents, and fluorophores

Features & Benefits:
* Combined 3D photoacoustic and fluorescence tomography
* Fast imaging scans of large volumes
* Optical excitation wavelength is tunable
* Single-scan assessment of multiple microsamples of contrast agents
* Nanosecond pulsed laser
* Integrated gas anesthesia line and adjustable mouse holder
* Integrated software suite
* Multi-modality compact design
* Up to 360° rotational coverage of the subject during a scan
* Temperature control unit

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