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Solentim InstiSHAKE™ CHO

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InstiSHAKE CHO is an animal component free cell culture supplement which boosts the viability and viable cell density of suspension CHO cells in bulk culture. The supplement can be used to accelerate the recovery of cells following transfection. InstiSHAKE CHO should also be used to help cells adapt to shaking culture conditions during clonal expansion.

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While cell culture mediums do their best, cells often need a little extra support from cell culture supplements to overcome stressful processes such as transfection and expansion to shaking culture conditions. InstiSHAKE CHO supports cell line development for the production of biologics by…

  • Enabling scalable manufacture – InstiSHAKE CHO protects cells as they transition from static to shaking culture vessels.
  • Accelerating timelines – The supplement supports cell recovery during transfection and clonal expansion, preventing project hold ups.

Certified Animal-Free Statement

  • Based on information provided by our suppliers, we certify that none of the ingredients used in our supplements contain starting materials derived from animal or human tissues
  • Our supplements may contain materials produced by or extracted from plants, bacteria, or yeast.
  • Our supplements may contain recombinant human or animal proteins which have been produced in plants or microorganisms.
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001

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